Mr. Bo Sigvardson
( Attention: Nowadays Sigvardson is spelled with one S, earlier he spelled his name Sigvardsson with to S )

Born in Sweden.
Painter - sculptor. Autodidact.
Known for his sculpture "The Big Brush" registered in Guinness Book of Records.
Mr. Sigvardson preferably paints abstract images in bright strong colours. In a multitude of mediums,
Mr. Sigvardson's art contains endless themes and images, and Mr. Sigvardson's works is unmistakably modern, bold and colourful.
Through his vibrant colours, playful themes and hard-edged compositions,
Mr. Sigvardson captures the attention of both youthful spirits and educated art collectors.
Colourful and outstanding is a suitable description of both the artist and his art.
He can make you smile, only by being himself.
You meet him you will never forget him.

Among his public works "The Big Brushes" are exhibited at museums in San Francisco and Orlando, Florida USA.
A small selection of where he is represented: Danish Embassy, Ghana, GHACIF org. in France, Ghana Embassy, Copenhagen, Sweden, Denmark, France, USA, Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, Kenya, Ghana, Dubai
Many of his other sculptures are registered in Guinness Book of Records.

In 1973 he started to paint and at the same time he worked as a building constructor, cabinet restorer, auctioneer.
In 1991 he became a full time professional artist, with his own gallery and workshop, earlier in Sweden and at the moment in Denmark.
He left Sweden in 1996, sold everything he owned and headed to Europe together with his wife and nothing else but his car and painting equipment.

Due to a very slow art market Bo Sigvardson decided to temporarily close the gallery.
In 2011 he opened Antique & Flea Market in the premises.

In August 2008, 2009 and 2010 he organized International Art & Culture Festivals.

In October 2007 he opened Gallery Sigvardson.
The gallery has become a popular meeting place for artists/ buyers/art collectors, creating international contacts and promotion for the exhibiting artists.

In 2004 he opened Avisen-avk. an online international art gallery.

In 2001 he founded Art Vision, a culture and art society.

Bo Sigvardson, signering
Bo Sigvardson signing is to be found in Signaturbogen

Big Brush 2

Bo Sigvardson on his way to paint his self portrait.

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