Some of Bo Sigvardson's public assignments:

The Malmoe Festival, Sweden
Commissions: Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden
Jakt- och Fiskemässan, Bosjökloster, Sweden
Design of T-shirts: Samfood, Sweden
Sculptures: Önos, Procordia Food, Sweden
Adornment: Byggekram, Denmark
Rodby Bogtryk, Denmark
Guldbageren, Denmark
Super Best, Denmark

Some of his permanent Exhibitions:
The Big Brush Ripley's museum, San Francisco, USA
Ripley's museum, Orlando, Florida, USA.
Gallery Sigvardson, Denmark

Guinness Book of Records
Swedish Art Dictionary: Svenska konstnärer

Newspaper Articles:
Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Sweden
Arbetet, Sweden
Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden
Folketidende, Denmark
Ugeavisen, Denmark
Lollandsposten, Denmark
Fehmarnsches Tageblatt, Germany
Lübecker Nachrichten, Germany
Kvällsposten, Sweden
Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden
United Feature, Inc. USA

Newspaper article in Folketidende, Denmark

TV broadcasts Click here

Antik & Auktion, Sweden
Månadsjournalen, Sweden
Hemmets Journal, Sweden
Året Runt, Sweden
Slottstadens magasin, Sweden
Ica kuriren, Sweden
Lolland-Falster magazine, Denmark
Familie Journal, Denmark

Bild og Form at Citadellskolan, Malmö, Sweden
ABF, Hörby, Sweden
Bild og Form, Rødby Skole, Denmark
Margaretheskolen, Maribo, Denmark
Private teaching to adults and children

Founder and owner of the following:

1: Gallery Sigvardson
Owner since October 2007.

2: Avisen-avk Art Gallery
Founder and owner of International art and culture magazine, including Free Art Gallery membership for artists throughout the world.

3: Founder and owner of the Culture Society Art Vision since 2001.


American Radio shows:

For some years Bo Sigvardson had a monthly, one-hour radio show in the American radio station KGAB 650AM, a programme called
The talk of Cheyenne, mostly hosted by Amy Richards.
Below you can listen to a few programs:

Bo Sigvardson with guest Bob Hogge.
Click here to listen

Bo Sigvardson with Guest Henrik Høegh

Bo Sigvardson with guest Francesco Agresti

One of his hobbies is to make pipes.


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