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Folketidende 11.05.2016 Kræftsyg og vred
Folketidende 21.04.2016 Vred byrådspolitiker
Folketidende 15.03.2016 Kommunens behandling af ansøgning
Lollandsposten 27.10.2015 Invention/opfindelse
Folketidende 16.10.15 Invention/Opfindelse
Folketidende 26.06.2015 Exhibition
Folketidende 20.06.2015 Exhibition
Lollandsposten 23.06.2015 Exhibition
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Jyllandsposten, frontpage, page 7 and page 6
Folketidende 30.04.2014
Folketidende 08.04.2014
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Crazy Duel

News paper article about 05-05-07

News paper article about the appointment as member of the board of directors in the Swedish Art Society 19-05-07

News paper article about Avisen-avk's collection to help two small boys 25-05-07

Bo Sigvardson Birgitta Ragnarsdotter

Bo Sigvardson & Birgitta Ragnarsdotter

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